How to Pair the Best Wines and Food

There are many wines that you can pair with foods, but sometimes you might feel hesitant about doing so. That should only really last until you get the hang of the whole thing of course. And until then you can use the Rules of thumb to help you in your wine and food pairings.

The general rule of thumb when trying to pair wines and food together is very simple really. If you keep that in mind when you go shopping for your wines next time, you can’t help but come back a winner. Although there are exceptions to the rule, they are few and far between and you’ll find that sticking to the rules has its own rewards.

Generally though, Red wines are paired with red meats, and White wines are paired with white meats and fish. This works on just about every scale you can think of, and has been used for years now with good effect. Naturally the results will vary depending on the wines and food you’re having, but not overly so.

With a little bit if time, you’ll find that you can go straight to the correct wines and food. Just as much as you should follow the rules, you should also know when to break them. The tendency these days is to go for broke and try out different wines and food.

This does tend to yield interesting results, some of which will actually be very pleasing to your palate. wines and food mixtures will work very well if your personal palate accepts them, but keep in mind that not everyone will find your combinations appealing.

That said, the best way to find out which wines and food go together when you’re all set to break the rules, is to experiment. There’s no substitute for experimenting and you’ll find yourself rewarded by the fruits of your labors if you just persevere at it.

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