Joining an Australian Wine Club

Do you enjoy fine wine and fine dining? If you do, you might be interested in joining a wine club. If you join a wine club, you can have the benefits of getting newsletters and special offers from your wine club for discounts on wines.

Many people like to join wine clubs because it gives them the opportunity to try a greater variety of wines than they would dare to try on their own. If you have ever wasted money on a wine that had a great looking label covered with praise for its contents but tasted like the waste that it was, you know that an unbiased, expert opinion on wines is an invaluable tool.

You will not have to worry about throwing away any bottle of wine that an expert selects from area wineries. In Australia, you have many wine growing regions from which to choose your wines, and you could probably find a wine club that caters directly to those who wish to get a taste of all of the best that Australia has to offer.

Of course, you might also like to join a wine club that offers Australian selections as well as international selections. While Australia produces as fine of wines in as great a number as most other wine producing countries, sometimes you want to try something a little different. A wine club that offers domestic wines as well as International wines would be a great choice for you if you wish such a service.

Often, wine clubs charge a nominal annual fee for membership, but the benefits to belonging to such a wine club outweighs the cost for maintaining a membership. As a wine club member of finer Australian wine clubs, you will receive 15% to 50% discounts on wine and wine related products as well as an occasional gift from the wine club. Wine clubs usually also make you privy to upcoming wine specials and give you extra discounts on such special deals.

Additionally, if you are a part of a vintage Australian wine club, you will probably also receive invitations to wine events such as wine tasting events and wine festival events. From such events, you can share your wine experience with others while learning about other people’s likes and dislikes about wine. When you can compare your notes on a wine that you have tasted with others, you can learn to recognize new and exciting nuances in the flavor and bouquet of wines and you can help others to do the same.

Through wine clubs and wine events, you will meet people of varying levels of wine expertise with which to become friends. Perhaps you will become familiar enough with other people and their taste in wines for which you could host your own tasting party.

With so many reasons to join a wine club, you should consider asking your local wine store proprietor or looking up Australian wine clubs on the Internet to find the wine club that is right for you.

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Ian Love is the boss of Australian wine retailer, Liquor Merchants and has been a leader in the Perth Restaurant industry for over 30 years. He also runs a great Australian wine club.