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Vineyards are central to the wine industry and are located all over the world. A vineyard is known as a place for growing grapes. These grapes are traditionally used in wines, for making raisins or for eating. Whatever the purpose of the vineyard, they are known for their deep historical significance and their rich background. The held special significance during the Middle Ages when monks used to tend to vineyards.

Vineyards take an a lot of resources to maintain, which is why the early church often handled a lot of the vineyards in earlier days. Vineyards in different parts of the world are planted with different types of grapes, making for a variance in the amount of resources that are needed to maintain a vineyard today. In fact, some vineyards require little attention in order to grow a suitable harvest of grapes.

There are many factors that refer to the vineyard and its ability to grow the perfect grape. Good grape growing vineyards will have the proper "terroir". Terroir refers to the combination of factors that influence the land, such as the soil and the underlying terrain.

Any underlying rocks, inclination or altitude and orientation to the sun are also part of the terroir at a winery. A winery pays close attention to the terroir of their vineyards because it can mean the difference between a good and bad crop of grapes in a particular season.

In the Northern part of the world, there are general rules for making wine in vineyards. A vineyard tends to be on the side of a hill where the quality of soil is not particularly good. The notion is, however, that the "worse the soil, the better the wine". This translates into utilizing an area of land that gets an a great deal of sunlight and creates perfect grape growing conditions for as much of the season as possible.

There are many variables that vineyard growers are using to improve their crops. Many follow the advice of noted wine critic Robert M. Parker Jr., who suggested the notion of "green harvesting". This refers to the removal of whole grape clusters during the growing season to improve the quality and quantity of the overall yield. Many vineyards around the world are following that principle.

In an overall sense, vineyards are the key to the wine industry. In a comforting way, they are operating today in much the same as they always have. The fundamentals for growing grapes are the same as they were hundreds of years ago and, while some of the particulars may have changed because of technological advances, the heart and soul of the vineyards remain the same.

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