Matching Wine With Food

There are so many varieties of wine that the choice becomes confusing, especially if you dont know too much about it. The best idea is to go to as many wine-tasting events as possible so that you at least get to know what you like the taste of. If choosing wine to complement your meal, there are some simple rules to guide you.

Traditionally, red wine is served with beef and pasta, while white wine goes with fish and chicken. But there is more. There are light-bodies wines and wines that are heavier. Those that are light should be served with a light meal, while those that are heavier-bodies go with a heavier meal.

Some wines should not be served with the main meal, but are best left until dessert is served. These are sweet wines, but those chosen should be sweeter than the dessert itself, or it will taste sour. Ports and Sherries can be served with desserts, but Muscats are considered too sweet to go with any food. Ports are good to serve with dessert cheeses like Stilton, or with a chocolate or cream dessert. Sherry goes will with nuts or nutty-type desserts. A good Chianti will go well with an Italian meal.

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