My skinny white jeans and Red Wine

Wine. Not just any wine, but red wine. The best wine in the world. Although it does very much depend on where it's from. There has been many an argument to decide the best red wine out there.

The Australians would say, Australian red wine, the French would yup you guessed it, French red wine. So how does one truly distinguish where the best wine comes from?

what's the key ingredient in winegrapes of course! They alone determine the quality from the onset, however the other additives also play an important role, in creating the deep blood red liquid, or light watery texture if the wine is cheap cheap!

Although lately I have started to go off red wine, it all started when I was enjoying a nice glass of merlot, with my meal, and my chair got knocked by the waiter, thus resulting in the spillage of albeit only a few drops, but the damage was done.

this particular day I had regretfully decided to op to wear my new skinny white jeans. I had seen Kate moss wearing them in an old magazine, whilst waiting for my flu jab, and decided I wanted in! my jeans were ruined. The red wine stain was most unattractive. I immediately kicked up a fuss, and demanded I be bought a new pair of jeans. instead all I got was a free meal. I decided to milk this, and ordered two more bottles of wine.... white this time, to be safe!

the wine most definately helped me get over my embarrassing episode, and realized, I shouldn't have been wearing last seasons white jeans whilst drinking red wine anyway!

what happened to me that night is anybody's guess.what happened to my date? Did I end up paying for my meal? How did I make it home? All these questions needed answering.

The next day when I returned to the restaurant to apologize, I was told that my date had left pretty soon after I had thrown up into my plate, think its safe to say that I won't be hearing from him again anytime soon! Shame he seemed like a decent fellow, he had the potential to be the 'one'.

I now very much stick to clear spirits, and have come to the conclusion, that there is no 'best' red wine out there. It depends on ones taste buds. But you should definitely not binge drink even if it IS free. The results could be disastrous, and stick to the one type of drink, throughout the night, mixing is bad. Very bad.

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