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The Niagara River connects Lake Ontario and Lake Erie consist in its arms the Niagara Region which is in Ontario and the Niagara Frontier which is in New York. From Lake Ontario the region appears in steps or benches of rich prolific farmland clay soils which one needs to climb. These steps or bench stretches from the Grimsby to the Vineland.

Niagara Escarpment asylum orchards and vineyards close the Lake Ontario from cold winter winds. Which in turns creates a high temperature that expand along the base of the bench making it warmer than most of the Niagara peninsula. This enhance the ripening, and facilitates grapes to be harvested a week or two in advance than otherwise

Niagara wines are renowned throughout the world in competitions as one of the most outstanding, particularly the ice wines, which are prepared from grapes yielded after the first winter rime. The rich and potential soils with moderate climate also support the tender fruit growers with their crops, which comprise of peaches and strawberries.

The Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario have shaped an exclusive microclimate appropriate for the manufacture of World Class Wines. An individual would experience the stunning countryside of this region as we spend the day itinerant from one winery to another.

There is a wine trail occasion happening every month. To sign-up or pre-pay for our events is not required - just simply you need to show up on the same day and pay your admission fees. A list of wine trail associates is supplied for your convenience along with restaurants and other attractions that may be of interest during your stay.

And as you are required to eat on your trip to Niagara in order to keep yourself energized for sightseeing and other activities, have a dining experience that is both pleasing to the appetite and romantic for you.  Like some of the hotels in the area, there are many restaurants that overlook the Falls, offering you with romantic views that will help keep the ardent tone of your trip steady throughout. Though sightseeing in Niagara Falls is romantic in itself, the romance can also present itself in, restaurants we select to dine in. There are a variety of restaurants with various wines that overlook Niagara Falls, providing you and your special someone with breathtaking views and romantic moments.

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