Planning a Trip to California Wine Country

If you're planning a trip to California wine country, there are many resources available that can make your trip fun and enjoyable. Many self-planning guides are available for visitors to complement the wine tasting experience and make for a pleasurable adventure. Family wineries in Sonoma Valley, Napa Valley, Santa Barbara, and Medocino area vineyards, just to name a few, offer a variety of options, such as walking vineyard tours, wine tasting seminars, and retail stores that offer endless selections of wine and wine related products!

A tour of California wine country can be enjoyed by many means, since drinking and driving is not encouraged, visitors can make their way by limo, bus, jeep, carriage, train, plane, and even by hot air balloon! Many tour packages are available and can accommodate any travelers' desires and pocketbooks.

If you don't want to just limit yourself to wine tours and tastings you can find great tours that offer other activities such as meals, dinner theatre or even mountain biking. If you want to relax and enjoy, feel free to book yourself some spa accommodations. Booking tours online is a breeze and you can customize a trip to be perfectly suited to you. If you are in for a bit of adventure you can even book a surprise tour where you will never know what will happen next! And if at any time you want to change your tour this should be no problem.

To find the tours that interest you most, you may begin by searching by destination, most popular tours, or by what activities various vineyards offer. There are many excellent on-line guides available, with stunning photographs of California vineyards, travel recommendations, and historic information. California wine country is vast and statewide, with different offerings throughout the year. The weather can also be a factor, and you may want to check ahead of time with tour operators or the specific vineyards you would like to visit, as to what they recommend to ensure that your trip is memorable for all the right reasons!

Also, don't feel like you have to limit your vacation to just wineries, as there are many other interesting things to see and do in the area. Mountain biking, hiking, relaxing at the spa and many other things are available to you, all you have to do is imagine it and it can probably be done. So whether you are newly married or newly retired there are many things for you to see and do in California wine country.

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