Plum Wine Delivers A Delicious Taste

We all love the flavor of fruits especially that of ripe plums. Unfortunately there is a limited season for plums and when this time is over you will have to wait until the season arrives again before you can once more savor this great taste. There is another way that you can have the taste of ripe plums sliding down your throat and that is with plum wine.

The plum wine that we are talking about is seldom mentioned by professional wine aficionados because this wine has not been created with wine grapes. There are some people who will let you know that even though plum wine is not considered as a true wine, it does have a lovely flavor and you can even make this wine at home.

For this reason there are quite a few plum wine recipes that can be found on the internet. These recipes can range from the simple plum wine recipe to the highly complex looking plum wine recipe. For these plum wine recipes you should have some ripe plums that have a rich taste to them. There are a few other items that you will need to have when you start making your plum wine.

The main ingredients for a good plum wine include ripe plums, tannin, yeast, water, sugar or light honey, yeast nutrient, Champagne or Montrachet yeast, peptic enzyme and Campden tablets to kill off any excess bacteria that could be present in the plum wine. Once you have all of these ingredients you will need to find a good recipe to get the correct measurements. Follow the instructions and hopefully you will have a good plum wine that you can drink once the fermenting process and aging time has finished.

There is another way that you can enjoy drinking plum wine. This plum wine that you can find is that of the Japanese version. The Japanese plum wine is called ume-shu. The taste of this plum wine is slightly sweet and sour. The Japanese plum wine has been drunk with meals as an aperitif for over 1000 years in Japan. Since the Japanese plum wine is made from green Ume plums and white alcohol. It contains potassium and calcium, and is also said to be good for your health.

I am sure that while you may have never heard of plum wine before this you can now appreciate the fact that many people have drunk some form of plum wine. The difference in the Japanese and western plum wine is clear but they both have a delicious taste that you will always remember.

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