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Everyone who drinks wine should have some nice quality wine glasses. Including some that you do not drink out of everyday. I would recommend a set of antique crystal etched wine glasses or antique ruby wine glasses. Now I know what you're envisioning right now; dusty, rotted wine glasses. Try to picture something more like fine crystal glasses that your guest will be impressed by. Keep in mind when I mention antique you won't want something that is ancient unless you are simply buying to collect. Now buying wine glasses like this isn't to say that you are wealthy and the king of the world. It merely states that you are a passionate wine drinker and care about your interest or hobby a great deal. Your guest will appreciate your fine taste and quality of the items you own. Determine how many guests you typically have and figure from there about how many you'll need for a set. Keep in mind that crystal etched wine glasses are not cheap and are hard to find. Just take a peek at my site and you'll be able to find some that you are looking for; but more on this later. Antique crystal etched wine glasses can be found in many different styles. They can also be extremely hard to find. If you decided to drink out of a crystal antique wine glass make sure you clean if thoroughly before and after drinking so you do not damage it in any way. Typically a set of glasses can be very expensive and range into the hundreds of dollars mark. The same rules apply when using an antique crystal etched wine glass as does a regular wine glass. Never fill the glass to the top fill it about 1/3-1/2 full so you do not raise the temperature of the wine in the glass. However good quality crystal wine glasses do allow the wine to taste much better as they do not add impurities into the wine and distort the taste.

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