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If you are a wine fanatic, you have many options to satisfy your thirst. But before you choose an option, you should know how to taste wine.

In order to do a proper wine tasting, you need to swish the wine around your mouth. This helps get the most out of your taste buds. Here are more tips in order to taste wine.

Look at the wine color. The more color a white wine has, the more flavor it has and the older it is. You can approximate the age of a red wine by titling the glass and looking at the edge of the wine. The browner it is, the older it is.

Smell the wine by taking one deep whiff. After you do this you want to think about the aroma.

When you taste the wine, you want to consider the first impression, the actual taste once you swish it in your mouth, and the after taste.

Now for the wine tasting options:

You could join a wine club. Wine clubs allow members to pay a monthly fee in order to have a selection or two of wine delivered to their home monthly.

The International Wine of the Month Club offers members selections from two separate boutique vineyards along with a newsletter. You have a choice in the type of membership you select. You can receive two red wine selections, two white wine selections, or one of each. Membership to the wine club starts at $27.95 per month plus shipping and handling. The most expensive membership option costs $63.95 per month plus shipping and handling. The International Wine of the Month Club also offers gift memberships.

The Cellars Wine Club is similar to the International Wine of the Month Club in that you can receive two red wine selections, two white wine selections, or one of each. However, The Cellars Wine Club offers five different membership options. The premium wine club, the west coast wine club, the all about reds wine club, the platinum wine club and 90 plus points wine club. The wine club memberships start at $36.95 with the most expensive being $79.95

Perhaps a wine club isn’t up your alley. Maybe a wine cellar is. The idea wine cellar has a temperature of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. The cellar should be moderately damp because this helps keep the corks from drying out. Ultraviolet light destroys wine so your wine cellar should be dark. Avoid putting your wine cellar sheds or garages because you run the risk of freezing the wine. Similarly, avoid the attic because the heat could get too extreme. The best place for a wine cellar would be an under stairs cupboard.

Maybe you just have a few bottles of wine you want to store and display. A wine rack would be your best option. Wine racks come in large sizes to place in your cellar but there are also smaller wine racks that can sit on your kitchen or dining room table. If you really want to get creative, there are wine racks that are also bookends!

Next you might decide that you need a technique for comparing wines.
The Exploratorium describes a technique of comparing wine aromas that is similar to the following:

First you will need these ingredients:

A tiny piece of bell pepper, one drop of butter, half teaspoon of fresh citrus, linalool, a teaspoon of peach juice, a teaspoon of pineapple juice and a teaspoon of vanilla extract.
You take these 7 ingredients and put each in its own wine glass with the base wine. You cover the glass and label it with the standard. Smell the first three wine separately. Then smell the standards to see which terms describe which wines.

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