The Art of Collecting Wine Labels

Just about any wine has personalized wine bottle labels on their bottles. The reason being is that every vineyard and sometimes every vintage is going to have its own label. Many wine producers have been changing their labels based on what people have been saying about wanting updated labels that are easier to read. This means that the older labels are starting to become collector's items and the older the label or the better the vintage the more value is going to be attached to the label.

If you have ever tried peeling a label you know it can be very difficult without tearing or ripping it. The best way to preserve a label is leave it on the bottle. This assures the label will stay intact.

As with all collectible items it is very important to keep them in good condition in order to keep their value going up and not down. If for some reason you do find you need to remove a label on your collectible you need to be very gentle. Most of the population uses heat to loosen up the glue. You must do this carefully because damage from heat can and chances are reduce the value of the vineyard label.

Some labels are truly works of art and collected because of this. Some vineyards put works of famous people on the labels. Some even commission work for the label, and these are thought to be works of art and considered valuable enough to collect simply for the label artwork.

These are truly personalized wine bottle labels because the entire label is commissioned as a work of art and these are highly valued in the collecting community. There are a few things to consider when you are looking into the wine label collecting world.

You are going to want to collect older labels. This is because these are either going to be printed one at a time specially before there was mass production of labels, they are going to contain hand done works of art or they are simply going to be from expensive or fine vintages which gives them value in and of themselves.

A little research into collecting personalized wine bottles is a good idea. Check out the types of vintages that are true investments. It is best to collect highly desirable labels. However, you may just want to have fun with it. Collecting and personalizing wine bottles is interesting and a great conversation starter but It doesn't actually have a large following.

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