The Best Out Of A Wine Sale

A wine vacation is a great way to get to know a new corner of the world, dining on cuisine de terroir while enjoying local vintages and chatting with affable vineyard owners. Texan Rich Klein, who celebrated a 50th anniversary with his wife by taking a two-week wine vacation in Italy, summed it up, "Wine is the glue that holds the trip together. It makes every day feel like a celebration."

Wine holidays don't have to involve bus tours or Sideways-style tasting rooms. Many trips afford the opportunity to enjoy not only magnificent landscapes and world-class accommodations, but also great meals and private vineyard tours.

With many wine sales to choose from at this time of year, it's always useful to know how to pick out the best. Simply follow a few handy tips below to ensure that you get top quality wines at bargain prices and steer clear from all the rubbish that inevitably will be lining the supermarket shelves.

Firstly, beware of the wine sale scams. Unfortunately, some wine sales aren't as genuine as they may first seem. In order to display the best possible discount, some retailers have a nasty habit of upping their list prices immediately before they discount them. The best way to avoid this is to keep an eye on the prices in the lead up to the wine sale.

Similarly, it's worth looking out for a discounted wine, rather than wine bought in especially for a wine sale as the quality will be that much better. Again, the best way to do this is to try to familiarise yourself with the wines available prior to the wine sale.

It's always good to choose wines that you like. Although you can get some great deals in wine sales, you can also end up wasting your money on wines that you don't really want. So don't just buy what's on discount, instead look out for wines that you know you will enjoy and that way you won't be left feeling disappointed.

Having said all of that, wine sales are a good time to experiment with your wines. So if you fancy trying a wine that you think you might like or that is a variation on what you normally would buy, then a wine sale is the time to do this.

Finally watch out for the rubbish. In particular, look out for any white and rose wines that are in a wine sale as they may be past their best. Although wine does not have a best before date, most whites and roses should be drunk within 12 months so any vintage earlier than 2006 is best avoided.

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