The Best Wine Gift Basket

With grocery stores that sell the best gourmet products at low prizes these days , you can make the best and cheapest wine gift basket yourself. By making it yourself you can include everything you know the gift receiver will like and you can make it as expensive as you want.

Find The Right Basket

Your gift always starts with a basket. And for your wine gift basket it is perfectly acceptable if you re-use a gift basket that you have received your self. You can also use an other sort of container that you already have in your home. Be creative in choosing a basket, it can be dull but you can also decorate the basket with seasonal colors and themes like yellow and pastels for spring and Christmas decorations for the holiday season or red and fluffy for Valentine's day. Or you could take a theme that resemblances the ingredients in your basket. You can also find baskets in garden or craft stores, most of them are quite inexpensive.

Select the right wine

Most grocery stores have a close-out section, this is an area where the discount bottles of wine are and wines that were not very popular. Here you can find the perfect wines for your wine gift basket. Most of the time there are excellent wines for sale some at 25% to 50% off.

When you know at forehand that you have to make a couple of wine gift baskets in the next coming months its wise to get to know the stores wine manager and find out when the full price wines get moved to the discount area. On those days be sure to visit the wine area early and get the best selection of wines for your gift basket

What kind of food can you put in your basket?

Food is the way to get creative with your wine gift basket, your imagination is the only limit to your creativity, you can add food that is focused on a theme. for instance you can create a basket around the theme appetizer, you can include crackers, cheeses, spreads and crisps and of course a white and red wine.

For an Italian dinner wine basket, you can include Italian red wine, your favorite Italian recipe and all of the ingredients like pasta, sun dried tomatoes, olives, olive oil, herbs an so on, put your creativity to it and I'm sure you can think of much more.

And for that very special person you can can make a full blown gourmet wine gift basket in which you can include everything you know the receiver likes, including chocolate, cookies, mixed nuts and lots more. And of course don't forget the wine, red, white and/or rose.

For a simple but healthy wine gift basket use a bottle of red wine and dark chocolate.

Go with the theme

You can complement your basket with utensils that will complete your theme, a pasta fork for the Italian basket, spreading knives or cheese plates for the appetizer basket. Or two to six beautiful wine glasses and a corkscrew for the simple wine gift basket. Remember your only limited by your own imagination.

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