The Many Types Of Red Wine

Wines are of many types. Red wine is a type of wine which is extracted from red, dark purple or blue colored grapes. This wine is red in color. Red wine is produced by fermenting grape juice. The red color of the wine is due to the tannins present in the wine which is a chemical compound. Red wine is stronger than white wine. Red wine is the most popular wine compared to other wines and is produced all over the world. There are almost 50 varieties of red wines like Australian Shiraz, Syrah, Chianti, Bordeaux,Sauvignon, etc.

Red wine comes in different flavors some of which are listed here:
Cherry, Plum, Blackberry, Raspberry, Currant, Raisin, Fig, Pepper, Clove, Cinnamon, Coffee, Cocoa, Mocha, Tobacco, Leather, etc.

Types of red wine
The type of Red wine depends on the area in which it is produced and the type of grape used for extracting the wine.

Syrah, also called as Shiraz, is mostly served with meat, beef or pastas. They are mostly dark colored wines. Syrah is widely cultivated in the regions of France, Australia, and California. One of the main ingredients of syrah is aroma which is very good for health.

Merlot, a red wine, is known for its light color and soft taste. It can be served with any kind of food. It is a very light drink and is not strong at all. Merlot is cultivated in countries like Romania, Chile, Washington, Italy and Australia. They are also present in herbal and medicinal form.

Cabernet sauvignon:
Cabernet sauvignon is produced from oak. This red wine is beneficial in preventing cardiovascular problems and also cancer because of its medicinal properties.

Pinot noir:
Pinot noir is rarely found because it is difficult to grow. This red wine plant is cultivated in countries like New Zealand, USA, Oregon and many other valleys.
This red wine is best suited with meat and lamb.

Zinfandel is the native wine of California because it is produced only in California. This is very hot and spicy in taste and goes well with meat, pizzas, and pastas.

Sangiovese goes well with Italian dishes and is available in valley areas.

Barbera is available only in USA.

Wine and Health
Consumption of wine to a limited extent may be beneficial to ones health. It removes bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol while reducing blood clotting, which is used to prevent a number of heart diseases and leukemia, because it acts as an antioxidant. They are used to prevent Parkinsons disease because of presence of resveratrol in the wine. Red wine contains higher amount of flavonoids which is very useful. Melatonin present in red wine is used to cure a number of skin diseases. Over consumption of wine may lead to many health problems like:
1) Red wine headache (RWD) - It is a disease caused due to excessive consumption of red wine, which may further lead to nausea.
2) Consumption of red wine is hazardous during pregnancy. It also increases the chances of breast cancer.
3) Brain migraines
4) Diabetes
Hence, moderation is highly recommended for the consumption of red wine.

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