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The Loire Valley wine region is situated south west of Paris typically a little over two hours drive from the Paris peripherique and extending out as far as Nantes. It is an area blessed with a mild climate and rich soil, allowing for the production of diverse appellations with vast degrees of character.

The Loire Valley is most famous for producing fine white wine such as Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, and Muscadet with accounts for 75% percent of the wine produced in the region. As well as these lovely white wines, you can enjoy the delightful, fruity and pleasant reds produced in the Loire Valley, such as Cabernet Franc and Gamay.

For lovers of great wine and all finer things in life, one would be hard-pressed to find a better setting than the exquisite famous fertile valley of the Loire River; a region seeped in rich history from regal castles to its long viticulture tradition.

A fairytale wine-tasting adventure awaits the wine lover touring the Loire Valley as wine-tasting can be enjoyed along with visits to many amazing historic castles sprinkled throughout the region. Chateau Chambord which is the largest Loire Valley chateau and the architecturally breathtaking Chateau Chenonceau spanning the River Cher are just two of many jaw-droppers for tourists to enjoy.

Chateau Chaumont lies on the banks of the Loire River opposite the Touraine-Amboise vineyards and it holds an international garden festival annually from April to October being France's equivalent of the Chelsea Garden Fair. Last year the theme was play and many of the gardens on exhibit were highly interactive and a great success with both children and adults. This year the theme is going to be mobility.

The Loire Valley is also a popular destination for followers of the Knights Templar and Holy Grail because it is so seeped in history and because of the close association with Leonardo Da Vinci.

Fans of Leonard Da Vinci can visit Chateau Clos Luce and see frescoes painted by his pupils and admire his study, salons, kitchen, bedrooms, and the chapel. His paintings and drawings are set out in the park of the chateau with giant models of the most amazing machines he invented with voice-overs of Leonardo da Vinci and his disciple Melzi.

Self-guided wine tours can be combined with hiking, bicycling, or hot air ballooningthrough the scenic countryside. All wine lovers should make their next wine tasting vacation destination the Loire Valley because the excitement of their senses will stretch far beyond their palate. Many of the historic castles hold light and soundshows at night during summer. For chateau enthusiasts staying at a chateau can heighten the enjoyment of your vacation. Remember to bring lots of film or memory for your camera, as there really is not a prettier wine region in the world.

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