The Relationship Between the storing wines and Absence of light

Absence of light, or in other words darkness, is ideal for storing wines in. Light will tend to prematurely age a wine, and this is true even of the darker bottles as some amounts of ultra-violet rays will manage to get in.

Lighter colored or clear glass bottles are naturally enough, more susceptible to this than the darker bottles are, so extra care should be taken when storing wines in these wine bottles.

If you’re installing new lighting to your cellar system, then avoid fluorescent lighting and go with incandescent lighting if possible. Sodium vapor lights are also good to install in a cellar.

Another reason for storing wines away from sunlight and in darkness, is that wine subjected to ultra-violet rays can have an unpleasant aroma to it.

Also another good candidate for keeping out of the harmful rays of natural sunlight are champagnes and sparkling wines. They are far more sensitive to light than other wines and care should be taken in storing wines in these category.

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