Tips for Choosing the Right Wine

It's not nearly as difficult to choose the right wine as you might think it is. In fact, there are some simple rules to follow that will help you choose the right type of wine every time.

There are three main things that you need to consider when buying wine for an occasion. These three things are: how much you have to spend, what type of wine you want (red or white), and whether you're going to drink the wine with food or all by itself.

Really if you plan on drinking the wine with food then what you eat should determine what type of wine you buy. So, let's take a look at which types of wine go with which foods.

As a general rule, you should always pair red wine with meats and white wines with fish. However, this isn't too much help because of all the different kinds of wine on the market. You can choose a little more wisely by using the rule of thumb of the heavier the food the heavier the wine should be.

For even more clarification, let's run down a few types of wine and what types of food they go with best.

If you're eating very light foods, Dry Rose is the perfect wine to couple it with. These light foods can include fish, salads, and certain types of semi-spicy foods.

A wind that is also on the light side is Sauvignon Blanc. So foods such as mild cheeses, Fruit, and light and/or white fish are perfect for us is to serve with it.

Pinot Noir is a great choice for grilled foods. Also, chicken and other white meat, and salmon go well with Pinot.

If you're eating foods with a subtle taste, you don't want to match it to a strong wine like Zinfandel, because the food will be overpowered by it. Read me and foods with heavy sauce are best to serve with this wine. Pasta dishes are a great choice.

Another wine with a strong taste is Cabernet Sauvignon. Again, foods that are rich in taste will work best with this type of wine. For example, a juicy steak. Also, smoked and barbecued meats are a good choice. Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich enough wine to hold up to the strength and taste of smoked foods.

It may take you some time to become good at matching foods with wines. It does take many years. But the above will help you get started.

And naturally, the more you do it more likely you are to find combinations that go against all the rules. That's no problem.

If it works, then it works. As with everything else, there's always an exception to every rule.

In conclusion, when choosing the right food to the right wine, take your time. Don't fret about it too much if you have a certain type of wine you really enjoy -- go ahead and use that. The rules shouldn't interfere with your drinking your favorite wine.

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