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Wine production is no longer a strictly European craft. Quality wines are springing forth in abundance from wineries across the globe. South American countries such as Chile are producing more than ever. Ukraine and Kazakhstan’s productions are also on the rise. The real power players coming into focus are easier to spot than those nations however. Countries with European roots are using the knowledge of the old countries to grow grapes in equally if not superior climates and soil.
When considering prominent wine regions of the world, three words generally come to mind- Napa Valley, California. California accounts for 90%of the United States’ wine production with sales totaling $15 billion in 2002. The United States ranks fourth in the world for wine production, and this number is drastically rising. This demonstrates the importance of California’s role in the wine industry. Napa Valley California is home to some of the finest quality grapes/wines in the world. The climate and conditions are ideal for many types of grape. The beauty of Napa Valley is unquestioned, and wine tasters and regular tourists travel far to spend time soaking in the essence of these fantastic vineyards and wineries.
France is the number one wine producing country in the world, but this number is declining. With over 2 million acres of wine producing land, it’s hard to believe. Wine production has actually been decreasing in this bastion country. Italy and Spain are not keeping up with the growth in production either. France and Italy’s numbers are declining at a similar rate. While Spain’s production is still increasing, it is increasing so slowly, than soon the United States will overtake it. The fertility of European soil and the quality of the wines are unquestioned, but nevertheless a new wave of wine nations is arising to take their places.
A booming wine country which will doubtless find itself in the forefront of production is Australia. Production nearly doubled between 1996 and 2005. In less than ten years, Australia flew past South Africa, Germany, and China to become sixth in the world for wine production. Such areas as the Barossa Valley, Hunter Valley, and Clare Valley to name a few, will soon be taking the spotlight from the traditional Rhone Valley in France and Aosta Valley in Italy. New Zealand too, is growing by leaps and bounds in its production. In another twenty years or so, the United States and Australia will be at the forefront of global wine production in both quantity and quality. Australia has a climate highly suitable to many different wine varieties. Excellent Australian grown varieties include Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay. Soon the global face of wine will be changing- some would say for the better, others the worse. At any rate, the new wave of wine producers is on its way.

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