Ways To Enjoy White Wine

There are 80 calories in a glass of sweet white wine, and most of those calories come from the alcohol. A Chardonnay, on the other hand, has only around 60 calories. If you are looking for a white wine that will not wreck your diet, then it is best to choose a low alcohol, drier white wine.

White wine is really just a mix of alcohol, water, and flavoring – the grape juice that the wine starts off as is oxidized by the yeast added in the wine making process, and the sugar is converted into alcohol and carbon dioxide. If you are on a diet, it is best to choose a low alcohol white wine.

That said, both red and white wine have a positive effect on the digestive system in moderation – one glass of wine with your meal will probably be beneficial to you.

Selecting The Right White Wine

Now that you have made your choice that you prefer white wine and you are prepared to monitor your usage as part of your weight control program, you should select a wine that you can afford and is commonly available. There are tons of white wines available in the stores. From the cheapest Chablis and German varietals to the most expensive wines from France and California, there are thousands of bottles of white wine available at any time.

Which wine you choose is often down to personal taste – do you like a robust flavor, or a more oak / wooden taste? There is a wide range of tastes available when it comes to white wine – you can even get ones that are mixed with other fruits such as pears or apples to provide a more refreshing flavor, and peppery wines that are developed in rather special soils that give the grapes unique bite.

It is a bad idea to drink and exercise, as the alcohol can impair your capabilities. So if your weight loss pro gramme involves exercise, try to make sure you only drink on your rest days.

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