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There are many countries where wine is produced. However, Australia is the continent of wine. We all know that Australia’s diversity is amazing and its wines are the same. In order to protect its reputation for high quality wine producers, Australia is the first country to require samples of each type of wine to first be examined by experts before they can be certified for export. So you can be sure that any wine club in Australia provides the best Shiraz wines. Imagine that you enter wine club Australia only to offer a bit of pleasure to your gustative senses.

Any Australian wine club can offer you a bottle of Hand Picked, which is Shiraz Viognier whose color is red. Wine club Australia can tell you the story of the grapes in Eden Valley or Barossa Valley. Plots of Shiraz, especially selected from a large variety of soils have been mixed with parts of Viognier from Eden Valley and the result is a stylish, perfumed wine.

Distinct cherry aromas are mixed with spices like cinnamon and black pepper, combined with a subtle floral breeze. As far as its taste is concerned, the taste of coffee and chocolate mixes with that of cider and black cherries. It is a special, soft, and silky wine that can make you come again to any wine club in Australia.

Wine club Australia pays a special attention to color as well. In our case, Viognier and Shiraz intensify the color, adding a wonderful aroma to the bouquet and making the strong Shiraz Barossa a little gentler.

Wine producers in Australia are like the ancient Greek king Midas from two points of view. First, their empire keeps growing and second, you know that king Midas convinced Dionysus the god of the wine to offer him the gift to change everything he touches into gold. Well, these people can, metaphorically do it. Any wine club in Australia is proud of its golden touch.

Wine club Australia can as well offer you Chardonnay. It is a fresh wine of fruity aromas. Peaches, guava, and citric fruit flavors are harmoniously completed by the taste of nougat. Your mouth is caressed by a delicate texture of watermelon. The acid amount in the fruits is balanced and you feel like living magic moments while tasting it.

To continue with an Australian mixture of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz is legendary. Just imagine black cherries and the pepper aroma of Shiraz perfectly mixed with the strength and elegance of Cabernet Sauvignon. Its color is ruby red and the aromas are completed with plums and gooseberries’ ones.

Most of the Australian wines are complex, delicate, and rich. Apart from red wines, there are as well golden yellow ones, based on peach and many other fruits and flowers. It is interesting to know that some vineyards in Barossa Valley were first planted in 1889 and they still produce remarkable wines. Grapes are picked manually and then they are left for 3 weeks fermentation and after that, they are pressed.

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