Why Buy Organic Wine?

If there is one form of farming that is suited to being organic, it has to be growing vines. Vines are brilliant because of their hardiness – they’ll flourish in grotty soils and go weeks without rain. But does going organic make a better wine? Read on to find out how organic wines stand apart from normal wines.

Better wines for the planet and for you

Organic wines are made without using any unnatural chemicals, such as herbicides and pesticides, which are added to vines to kill weeds and pests. So when you buy organic wine, you’ll be getting wines that are kinder to both the soil and you, reducing the build up of non-natural toxins within your body. If you find that you ever get a headache after drinking a glass of wine, it’s likely to be due to the chemical residues in the wine - try an organic wine for a change and you are bound to see the difference.

Dedicated winemakers

For a winemaker, deciding to produce organic wines is a very brave decision and exposes them to a lot more hard work, dedication and risk when it comes to attending to their vines. Inspections are needed daily to check for disease and pests, and winemakers have to rely on natural predators and eco-friendly agents whose effectiveness depends on thorough nurturing, care and an awful lot of extra work. But one thing is for sure when you buy organic wine, you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ll be buying wine from dedicated winemakers.

A better tasting wine

Due to the shear hard work and care that is required when it comes to producing organic wines, you can be certain that you’ll be getting a wine from a winemaker who has done all they possibly can to bring you the best quality possible.

Organic wine – the perfect match for organic food

To really make the most from your organic wines, team them with some organic meat, fish and vegetables for a perfect match.

Value for money

Even though organic vines often produce lower yields and require a lot more manual labour, they rarely cost more (if at all) than normal wines. Why? Because organic wines have faced a degree of criticism over the years and organic winemakers are having to do all they possibly can to change this opinion.

New and exciting wines

With organic wines increasingly available, you’ll have a wide variety of wines to choose from. You may even come across some organic wines made from unusual or unfamiliar grapes. However, don’t be put off – most winemakers are simply playing to nature’s strengths, growing what’s best suited to their soils and what will grow unaided. So why not take the time to sample a few and stock up.

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