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The Holiday Season is almost upon us again, and our heads start spinning trying to figure out what to get, those people on our gift lists. You know the ones, which we haven't got a clue as to what to get them. They could be fellow employees, bosses, distant relatives, and casual friends. Hopefully this article can provide you with some insite, and relief, so that you can worry about those people on your list, which you think you might have an idea, as to what you want to give, as a gift, and a gift of wine, has become very acceptable, and appreciated.
Anyway, with the higher costs of gasoline, most people are not going to want to be running all over the countryside, trying to become inspired by the "Great Gift Wizzard".
My suggestion is to take a long look at wines, as possible gifts. These can now even be purchased over the internet, if desired, and if this is done, I deffinately recommend insuring the package, as red stained cardboard isn't well received as a gift. Should you have enough quantity, you might even get the seller to make shipment, by the case. Some will even allow you to mix and match. Case lot shipments seem to offer some additional protection to the bottles.
Another recommendation is to shop prices, locally and on the internet (don't forget to include the cost of shipping, when comparing prices). Right now with the present economy, many suppliers are running sales, in order to make sales, and eleminate inventory. So, it's a buyers market, and a bargain is always good.
What kind of wine should you choose? My first suggestion would be to try and find a local wine tasting, in order to see what you like. If you live in an area without any vinyards, check with your local liquor stores, regarding wine tasting. Some stores will provide this , and there are even clubs now, and of course bars, which may provide you with samples, in order to see what your preferences might be.
If you are going to be dining with wine, the old addage still can apply, where you match the color of the wine with the color of the meat in the entre.
Chicken, turkey, and fish, a white wine, and beef a red wine would be appropriate. For pork, most people any more consider it a white meat.
My suggestion for a gift, though, is give something you find enjoyable, as your friends and aquaintances will probably have similar tasts. Even a lighter desert wine like a white zinfandell, is a good choice for the unknown pallett.
A bottle of wine given in a gift bag, can be a great resource, for the forgotten, unexpected guest arrival, so always try to have some extra wine bottles, and bags for those emergencies.
If you have some time, you might want to produce your own gift basket. This can be as simple as a basket with a bottle of wine, and a pair of nice wine glasses, in some saran wrap, with a bow. Or you can expand adding other items such as wine openers, cheeses, and various crackers, napkins, a candle, etc. Let your romantic pic-nic mind run wild, and you can be giving a great and thoughtful gift.
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