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Wine is an alcoholic drink that tastes great and endorses a unique class of its own. The amazing quality and the variety available in this category of alcoholic drink has helped it create a niche for itself. It is very famous across the globe. Wine lovers are also passionate about collecting different types of wines and then storing it for years. Fermented grapes of different varieties are extensively used in making wines. Different types of fruits and flowers are also used to provide a distinct taste to wine. Honey wine is a classic example of wine made with honey and other substances used in it.

The history associated with the name ‘wine’ has a lot to do the old English word ‘wine’ that’s further derived from a ‘vinum’. It means ‘wine’ or ‘vine’.

Anyone can enjoy wine. There is something for everyone is this amazing category of alcoholic beverage. This is the reason that wine is so popular with millions of people across the globe. The word ‘wine’ actually refers to the processing, fermentation and production of the grape. In most countries, grapes are fermented on their own without adding any chemicals, extra sugars or enzymes.

This process of self fermentation provides a distinctive taste and flavor to wine. For better quality of fermentation, black currants and apples are also added to the wine. Wines made with addition of apples and black currants are known as elderberry or apple wine.

Wine can be categorized into two main divisions, namely Red wine and white wine. These categories are also further divided in many other sub categories. The subcategories of wine are recognized by the type of grape used into them or the region where the grapes are grown in.

Red wine is divided into various styles. Merlot is one of these styles. Merlot can be found anywhere, where grape is grown. Red wine has medium body. It has hints of plums and berries in it. Merlot is recognized by wine lovers as the most versatile types of wine. If you want to enjoy your favorite meal, merlot would be a great way to go ahead with this idea. Try white merlot available with raspberry hints. The experience would be simply awesome.

Riesling wine is one of the most popular types of wines available. It is made form a special variety of white grape. White grape is widely grown in Germany. Riesling is perfect for any type of food. Most people love to taste this wine with white fish or pork. Merlot can blend beautifully with strong Asian cuisine flavors such as Chinese and Thai food.

Wine lovers like to use their favorite wine with different types of meal settings. Some people have a fetish for opening a meal with an aperitif. This is often used to start the meal and introduce in with some unique flavors present in it. Cheap wines are used for cooking. They provide base flavor to certain types of foods.

Enjoy your special occasion with a special drink as wine!

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