Wine Cellars In Luxury Homes

Wine collecting is becoming quite the popular hobby. Those who can afford it have taken a strong liking to not only tasting great wines, but creating a collection of some of their favorites as well. Drinking wine was once only done by royalty but these days all kinds of Americans are pouring themselves a glass of their favorite red or white. But what to do when your bottle collection starts growing out of control?

Wine collecting can become cumbersome if the collectors' vintage count reaches 600 bottles or more. At some point those cute little glass-fronted refrigerator units just won't do. For a large cache of vintage wines, a more ample storage solution will be necessary. There are many wine cellar options available; some using fine woods like mahogany or premium redwood.

Your wine asset management can be handled quite nicely with the inclusion of a wine cellar in your home. Many high-end homes are now being outfitted with wine cellars which maintain a constant temperature between 50 and 60 degrees and incorporate appropriate shelving or racks. Some considerations regarding the storage room or cellar are temperature control, humidity control, how long your wines are going to be stored, security measures, and if you are considering moving any time soon.

Wine rooms and cellars are easily created during home construction. There are all types of wine cellars that you can put into your home. Some of the classiest wine cellars have huge glass doors giving you a peek at the goods inside. One of my favorite cellars that I have seen is one that looks like a cave, fitted into natural rock, on the slope of a hill in someone's basement. If your home has an extra room it could be the perfect place to create a wine room. You will need a way to control the temperature as well as fancy shelves to preserve and display your collection's best wines.

Or, you can have a specialized company come in and build your wine cellar. They are beautiful and pricey if you have it done this way. There are also kits available to help the do-it-yourselfer build a wine cellar. Which ever way you choose to install your personal wine cellar, count on this feature appealing to the luxury real estate market.

When people are looking for a luxury home to purchase, a wine cellar could be the deciding factor for them. Having one in your home is always a plus. I once knew a mature couple looking for a home near their place of business, and after looking at many up-scale homes in their area, they chose the one with the temperature-controlled wine room.

For wine connoisseurs who prefer to have their collections near them, there are few restrictions in storage as long as money and space is no object.

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