Wine Clubs: Fun, Convenient And Educational

Unsure what wines to try? Always purchasing the exact same one? How about having a regular supply of wines sent to your home? Answering yes to any of these questions means you should try becoming a member of a wine club. Over the past years wine clubs have come to be very popular and offer wine lovers many great benefits.
The main benefit of enrolling in a wine club is receiving a package of wines chosen by people with true expertise, typically once a month or every three months. You don't have to go to the grocery store or the liquor shop and puzzle over all of the possible choices. They make the selections on your behalf and you are able to sample a whole assortment of prize-winning wines, consumer picks, pre-releases, and delightful jewels not yet discovered by either you or the wine-drinking public at large. This will also ensure that you always have a good bottle handy for celebrating any special event.
Another benefit to joining a wine club is that you will receive detailed information about each of the wines. This is a great help (especially if you are new to wine) when it comes to selecting wines in the future, as you will learn more about what you are drinking and the winemakers. Some wine clubs will encourage you to rate or comment on the wines. This can be very useful as you can better remember your favorites and also see what other customers think of the wines before you taste them.
Many wine clubs have professional wine dealers as well as wine stewards in their membership, however there is no need to be an expert in wine to join. A great number of these wine clubs welcome both beginners as well as experts. These clubs offer knowledge in regards to the different types of wine, as well as many wine related topics, for instance which wine would pair best with a particular entree, and also sharing news in the wine industries.
If you join a wine club you will find that it is the best way to purchase wine. You can sit back and enjoy a great wine and know that experts are already planning your next case for you. And since they will deliver it to you, you don't have to do a thing.
There are wine clubs that will offer you gifts if you join, like free items and discounts. After you join, you will probably be offered other things like exclusive offers and savings. As a member of the wine club, you could also be invited to participate in wine tastings or other events. These are great places to get to know other people who enjoy wine and to speak with wine experts who select your wine.
If you like wine and want to learn more about it, joining a wine club will teach you a lot and help you save money on purchases. You will need to read through all the plans to find the one that fits you.

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Many Wine Clubs ( have expert vintners or sommeliers in their membership, but you don't need to be a wine professional to join. Unlike a supermarket or wine store where you are look through shelves of wines unsure what to select, a Wine Club ( does all the research for you.