Wine Food Pairing In F***king, Austria!

I always say that Wine Food Pairing is an adventure and now, boys and girls, here is the proof! My latest travels have taken me to the tiny village in Austria named F***king (that's pronounced Fooking!) Lest you think I am just talking "naughty", I have pictures standing next to the road sign....unfortunately, it is a small village and I was unable to find a T-shirt to buy. You can go to my blog for proof!

F***king is located in upper Austria, just a few miles outside of Salzburg. Even though it is just a stones throw from a large city like Salzburg, it was darn hard to find! We had to stop several times to ask shopkeepers directions to F***ing......everyone was very one thought it amusing that we were searching for this tiny town......not a one even twitched a smile! Obviously, this is not a bad word in the German language.

I, of course, take my mission of Wine Food Pairing seriously and wanted to stop at the local F***king cafe for a glass of wine and a bite of regional food, but F***king was so small that we couldn't find a F***king hotel either! Imagine that!

OK, not to be detoured from my original mission, my husband and I pulled over to the side of the road (next to the F***king road sign!) and had a quick picnic.....actually we sat in the car because it was F***king raining outside! (OOPS! bad word!). We had purchased some food and wine while getting directions to F***king and I opened up a delightful Roter Tafelwein from Sonneilten (that's Red table wine). This Austrian wine can be found almost anywhere in the country, but I have never seen it in the US...I guess they don't make enough to export. We paired this with a "zesty" Kase Cabanossi (cheese sausage) ....simply delish! What could be better on a rainy afternoon?

In doing a bit of research on F***king, I came across a hilarious video posted on youtube with Roseanne Barr and Graham Norton. If you are in the mood for a real belly laugh click on this link....I almost wet my pants!

Wine Food Pairing, an adventure and a challenge, but can be a lot of fun! CHEERS!

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