Wine Gifts For Special Occasions

Not only is wine a great last minute gift, it can be the centerpiece of a gift basket complete with the recipients favorite cheeses, breads, and maybe even chocolates. Putting together a wine gift basket for a special occasion is nearly as satisfying for the giver as the receiver--even more so, if they offer to share. So if you like to keep a few gifts on hand for the unexpected occasions in life, a wine gift is hard to beat.

You don't have to be a wine devotee or a sommelier to give perfectly suitable wine. The key is to know a few key things about wines. For my wine gift stash, I have a white, a red, and a blush. For white wine gifts, I choose a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or a Riesling. Chardonnays are universally popular, and depending on the winery, may have a hint of butter, melon or citrus. For a slightly more acidic taste and an insinuation of apples, pears, and grass, a good Sauvignon Blanc is hard to beat as a wine gift. My personal favorite is a Reisling which is a happy medium between sweet and acidic.

The gift basket can be filled not only with bottles of white wine, but other personal items that she might enjoy including wine accessories and possibly spa products. Receiving gifts is so much fun and making gift baskets can be just as much fun if the job doesnt get too complicated. Many white wine drinkers will say that a white wine gift basket is the perfect gift. Since 98% of the people on the planet enjoy drinking wine then the odds are good that giving a white wine gift basket as your gift will help to create a very happy birthday.

By the time you decide on the red wine gift basket and its contents you probably will have purchased a case of wine for yourself as well and really burst your budget. But if ruining your budget for the red wine gift basket has to be done then someone has to do it, and it might as well be you.

If you cannot make it to a special event planned by a close friend or relative, you can still make your wishes known by arranging a wine gift basket delivery. You will want to make sure it is order in plenty of time to arrive safely, but not too soon as to have the wine gone before the day of the event. Depending on the cost of the basket and the wine gift basket delivery service, these can be great offerings to someone when you are unable to attend the special day.

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