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Do you drink wine? If so, according to a new study, you're a trendsetter, open to new experiences. The study also found that wine drinkers are information-savvy, confident consumers who desire intangibles, have their life priorities in order, and follow their own path in life.

Unfortunately, this study didn't analyze whether wine drinkers developed these qualities because they drink wine or whether they drink wine because they possess these specific qualities. Wine clubs usually choose to believe the former. This article details the findings of this study, showing the personality traits of wine drinkers. It also shows how those who often choose to become members of a wine of the month club find drinking wine to be a safe adventure.

The Yankelovich Monitor Study

A marketing company that tracks consumer values, attitudes, and lifestyle trends, The Yankelovich Monitor, studied 2,442 participants who drink wine more than twice per year. The study found that personal recommendations are the most valued source of wine information, including from family, friends, a restaurant server, wine of the month club, or sommelier.

Only 40% of wine drinkers purchase wine based on information found in magazines or newspapers. Wine drinkers who visit wineries, including members of wine clubs, claim those visits provide the most wine purchasing influence.

Of those who purchase wine at clubs, bars, or restaurants, 74% buy it by the glass. This is usually because these wine drinkers feel buying by the glass is best for experimentation purposes. Even wine drinkers who belong to a wine of the month club or spend $15.00 or more on a bottle of wine at a grocery store or wine shop are likely to purchase wine by the glass in a club, bar, or restaurant setting so they can experience different wines more affordably.

Lastly, the study found that California wines rate as the most favorable with wine drinkers and wine clubs. Out of twelve different foreign and U.S. wines, including California wines, 75% of the participants described California wine as being a good value, consistent, appropriate for many occasions, versatile, and easy to enjoy.

"Super Trendsetters"

Those wine drinkers preferring Italian wines were considered to be super trendsetters, who have probably already visited Italy or who are planning to visit Italy in the future, the most popular European destination for American tourists after France and England.

The U.S. Tour Operators Association recently reported that Italy is the most popular destination for guidebook buyers and the top destination for American Express Vacations. The U.S. Tour Operators Association believes this is because Americans have visited France and England for so long that they don't need tours or guidebooks, but visitors to Italy require guidance, especially those wishing to tour wineries.

The study also found that participants thought of drinking different wines from different countries as a safe and fun adventure and cite it as a main reason for joining a wine of the month club. Experts and wine clubs believe the multi-faceted experience of learning about different wines, the countries from where they originate, the people who make them, and dreaming about traveling to those destinations is what makes up the safe adventure that wine provides.

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