Wine options for Thanksgiving fest

Wines are one of the best options to be given for the most rejoiced festival thanksgiving. With the thanksgiving quickly approaching, it’s the time that you start planning for you’re the dinner menu and the ecstatic wines that you would be serving. They are one of the best options that can complement the dinner. Historically the week before is one of the best times to buy wines as the merchants sell special wines. But here the big question is to go in for which flavors, tastes, aromas that you need to present for the Thanksgiving Day. You will also need to plan out whether you are going to serve one unique variety of wine or many other options of wines with the dessert and the appetizers you are going to offer. Here are some of the best options of wine that you can go in for:

White wine options

Sauvignon Blanc:
This is a crisp wine that is well known for its earthy and herbs related flavor. It is the best option to be served along with turkey and even with the rolls which have a minty taste.

This is a white wine which has very low levels of acidity and it is even recognized by the floral taste which it has. It is often served with few touches of frits like peaches and pears.

It is one of my personal favorites and it comes with two options of bone dry or even sweet. It can be served with dishes which are quite spicy.

Gewurztraminer- Another very good option for white wine it is also available in two flavors of dry and sweet. This wine has a tangy flavor and it is often served with the dishes which are hot and spicy. However this wine can also go well with the amazing deserts.

Red wine options
Pinot Noir: This wine is a traditional favorite which is served for the Thanksgiving Day. This wine can be served with any variety of food and it is very easy going.

This is a red wine which has higher levels of intensity than the Pinot Noir. But it has an amazing effect and can be served with almost any dishes you are offering on your floor. This is a nice option for the people who always look forward for the deeper options.

Another red wine with more of intensity and its peppery flavor makes it some of the best wines available on the floor. This wine also goes really well with dark and white flavors of turkey.

Beaujolais Nouveau:
This is a light and fruity taste red wine that has a very good fragrance. Awesome choice to be served with turkey, this is one of the latest wines and specifically launched for the thanksgiving fest.

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