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We know that wine is grown in different countries that have the right climate for the wine grapes. While the most well known places for wines is found in France and in Napa Valley there are many new countries that are expanding into the wine market. Among these new wine countries are South America and Australia. Today the wine SA is gaining recognition in the international wine market and these wines are ranked as being third in the world.

To help with the wine SA growing into the various wine markets South Africa has 100- 200 hectares of land that is being cultivated by wine growers for the development into great wines. The various wines that are produced in South Africa are a mixture of classic wines and the fruity based wines of the new world. These wines are interesting and refined. You will also find complex wines that have an accessible taste.

While the majority of wine SA that you can find will be the classic wines like Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Blanc, there are new wines that are distinctly South African in flavor, origin and creation. The various wine makers who make the different wines of South Africa have gained their training at wineries worldwide and they are just brimming with new ideas to try out.

The results of their ideas are brand new wines like Pinotage. This exclusive wine SA is the result of crossing Pinot Noir with Cinsault. This wine mix has been around since the 1920s and it was called Hermitage x Pinot. The new name of Pinotage is what it is now known by. This is just one of the wine SA is famous for. You can find an interesting version of the legendary Muscat wine.

This wine is called Vin de Constance. Besides this wine you will find Semillion and Shiraz wines. You can also buy Chenin Blanc in the many wine SA stores, although it is best known as Steen. As you see the wine industry in South Africa is growing and soon it will be recognized as a leading producer of high quality wines. This means that the next time that you are buying wine from your local supermarket you may see some varieties of wine SA for sale.

Buy a few bottles and see what the taste of these wine sa are like. You may end up liking these wines more than your usual wine selections. Introduce your friends to the wine SA produces and see how they like the taste of these wines before you tell them where the wine is from. Let them be pleasantly surprised.

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