Wine Storage Tips: Making The Most Of Your Aging Wines

To make the most of your aging wines, it is important that wines are stored and protected from damaging conditions. Not all wine lovers have perfect storage facilities such as subterranean cellars; in fact most of have imperfect storages for our aging wines. If the quality of your wine is very good and you intend to store it for a longer time, then you need to have near perfect wine storage facilities.

Different wines react differently to adverse conditions. White wines are very delicate when compared to red wines, red wines are considered to be more robust. Grape varieties also influence how wines will react grapes like pinot noir are less resilient than grapes such as cabernet sauvignon. Let's consider some factors that will enable you to store your aging wines perfectly.


Most of the damage done to wine is due to temperature and light. Temperature in the cellar should be maintained between 7 - 13?C. Wines mature faster if stored at the higher end of the scale. In case there are no temperature fluctuations, then wine can be stored at higher but constant temperature. If you don't have a cellar a well-insulated garage will do or you could also store your wines under the stairs. Another option is to use north-facing walls. No matter where you store wine it is important to have a thermometer to check the temperature.


Natural and artificial light are wines greatest enemies. In case your wine storage area is not dark like a cellar, block off all the sunlight or cover the wines with a dark cloth or a blanket.


Relative humidity needs to be between 55% and 75%; lack of humidity in the storage area results in the oxidation of wine.


Movement is something wine does not enjoy. If your wine merchant delivers the wine to you or if it is transported by you, it is recommended that you allow it to rest for few days. Areas that are prone to vibration and shocks are best avoided. Store your wine in places that are least affected by shocks due to trains, planes, and traffic.


Wine is to be always stored on its side in the horizontal position; this keeps the wine in contact with the cork preventing the cork from drying and letting in air. There are different types of wine racks available in the market, purchase one depending on the dimensions of your storage area.

These five factors are important in choosing your wine storage area and the ideal conditions required. If your budget permits, it is recommended that you purchase a wine cabinet. Wine cabinets are like refrigerators with controlled temperature and humidity and although slightly expensive, they give you absolute perfect conditions to store your wine. Another alternative is the spiral cellar. There are companies that install these cellars if you have space for it. If your wine collection includes the finest wines and you intend to store it for a very long durations then renting cellar space at a wine merchants cellar is recommended, this is a wise investment to protect your precious wine.

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