Wine Tasting Parties: Top 10 Tips For Surefire Success

Wine tasting parties are a great way to celebrate just about any occasion, and have become a growing trend. One of the key reasons for their popularity is that they often provide a fun, relaxed atmosphere in which wine enthusiasts can learn about and explore different wines.

These parties should be about asking questions, experimenting with new wines, and having fun. However, you might be surprised to find that wine tasting parties can also be enlightening while simultaneously being a very fun way to entertain and make friends.

With a little planning and creativity it’s easy to host a wine-tasting party that’s sure to impress your guests as well as yourself. Here are some tips that will be sure to make your first wine tasting party a smashing success.

Tip #1: Decide A Theme

The first step to having a wine tasting party is deciding the theme. There is no limit for the theme that you select. You could choose to have the theme be a specific country, in which wines from that country will be featured. Another option would be to select a theme based on the seasons or holidays. Regardless of what you select, the theme for your party will definitely set the tone for the entire occasion.

Tip #2: Greet Each Guest

As the host of your wine tasting parties, you should be there to greet all your guests as they arrive. It may be a good idea to give each person a brief "overview" of the layout so that they will be able to easily find the restrooms, wine glasses, drinking water, dump buckets, etc.

As the host it will be your responsibility to make the evening easy for your guests. Greeting them as they arrive will start the night off on the right foot.

Tip #3: Make It Sociable

One of the best wine tasting party experiences happens when guests are able to integrate learning about wine as they enjoy themselves socially. In fact, wine tasting parties are excellent settings to make new friends. Be sure not to invite too many, or too few people (see tip # 7 below). You will want to have a fair amount of familiar faces mixed together with new ones.

Tip #4: Select a Price Range

When choosing which wines you should use for your wine tasting party it is important to remember that the wines that you choose should be in the same price range from one another. Keeping the range of prices narrow usually results in keeping the quality of wines narrow. This will be a nice detail that your quests will be sure to appreciate.

Tip #5: Have Enough Glasses

Make sure that you have enough wine glasses for everyone in the party. The key here is to have additional glasses in reserve. Having a these set aside will help to keep from situations that could otherwise be a bit uncomfortable.

Tip #6: Do A Bit Of Homework

Since you will be the host of the wine tasting party, you should be able to answer some basic questions your guests may have about the wines they are tasting. You don't have to know every single fact about every wine selection, but being able to answer some basic questions for your quests will definitely help to add to their enjoyment of your wine tasting party. People often enjoy themselves very much as they try new wines. Oftentimes they wold like to be able to find that same selection again.

Tip #7: Select The Proper Number Of Guests

You will need to consider how many people to invite. This will help to make your wine tasting parties a success because the proper number will help to enhance the social element while, at the same time, may it enjoyable for everyone without exhausting your resources. On average, mid-sized wine tasting parties are about 15 people. When deciding how much wine to buy for your party, keep in mind that for tasting purposes, each pour should be about two ounces.

Tip #8: Provide Dump Buckets For Discarded Wine

Guests may not finish the entire sample of wine. It is a good idea to have pitchers or empty buckets for discarded wine. Also be sure to keep a pitcher of water at room temperature next to each dump bucket to allow guests to rinse their cups after they have discarded the unused wine. You will also probably want to provide a container for the unused water too.

Tip #9: Provide Plenty Of Drinking Water

Believe it or not, wine tasting can make you thirsty. For this reason, it is helpful to have bottled water on hand. Bottled water can also be useful for guests that want to rinse their mouths between wine samples.

Tip #10: Have Lots Of Fun And Relax

Throwing a wine tasting parties can be fun. It will be memorable by making sure that the whole experience is something that your guests will enjoy. By following these ten tips you will be able to relax and have fun because you will know that you have covered all the bases for all of your wine tasting parties.

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