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During the past 50 years United Kingdom has transformed itself and evolved as a great place for tourism. Although UK is not one of the top produces of wine, wine in UK is considered as one of the finest in the world. It was in 1824 when The Wine and Spirits Trade Association (WSTA) for the betterment of this fraternity.

The journey of wine in UK has seen many ups and downs. First let us understand the difference between "English Wine" and "British Wine". All wines with "English Wine" tag are made from grapes which are grown in England. All wines with the "British Wine" tag on the other hand are produced in UK, but the concentrated grape juice which is used to make it, is imported from other countries. Naturally quality wise, this kind of wine in UK is not so good. Ideally fresh grapes must be used to produce a good quality of wine. Hence, wine in UK made from imported concentrated grape juice is poor in quality. Along with the wine of UK like English Wine, Welsh wine of Wales is also becoming popular, as they use freshly picked grapes grown there.

Since 1950, UK wine (i.e. English wine and Wales wine) has shown a stable and consistent development in quality and production of wine. Due to this positive development in UK wine (English and Welsh wine) it now serves as a quality alternative for Russian and Australian wines. British wine in UK doesn't have good reputation and this is also affecting the reputation of English and Wales wines. Although the quality of English and Wales wines is good, they are still not as popular as Russian and Australian wines. Now English wine which also symbolizes UK wine is best produced from Madeleine and Angevine which make a fine summer drink.

According to an analysis, the figures present interesting results. Wine in UK is now consumed more as compared to earlier days. Figures of 1980 and 1998 show that there is an increase of 2.5 % in overall consumption of alcohol of which, UK wine is a major part. Thus in present days UK wine is more in demand than any other type of alcohol.

Denbies is the biggest winery in UK and is one of the big players in the UK wine market. Although UK wine production has a very small place in the world market, it is said to be a big international wine market hub. UK wine market has a record number of wine importers and bottlers. UK wine market also provides a great business opportunity for wine exports all over the world. UK is one of the largest importers of wine. UK wine market mainly depends upon 10 countries for wine import, of which 6 countries are outside Europe. Australia is the biggest wine exporter to UK. Figures in 2004 show 2.5 million hectoliters of export to UK wine market from Australia. France stands second with 2.3 million hl of exports to UK wine market and USA stands third with 1.5 million hl of export to UK.

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