Wine, Wine And More Wine - Its Party Time

It's great hosting a wine tasting party! When doing so, see that you follow these steps to ensure your guests get the most out of their experience at your wine tasting party.

Which Wines should you serve?
There is a host of wines to make your choice. They are red, white and sparkling wines. You may choose one of the three types or make a smart mix of all three. A great way to get started is with the sparkling wine, which arouses the taste buds. You should next serve a light wine and then a fuller-bodied wine. You must ensure that the wines do not overpower each other in their flavors, especially the flavor of the wine tasted before. An exciting way to conduct your wine tasting party is to introduce a theme. It could be like "Italian Wines" where you serve a collection of wines from the different regions of Italy, such as Veneto, Piedmont and Tuscany.

How to Serve Wine
The Glass - White wine is usually served in a small, slightly curved glass to help retain the chill of the wine and bring out its aroma and delicate flavor. Red wine is usually served in a large round shaped glass to heighten aroma and flavor.

Temperature - White wine should be served chilled after refrigerating an unopened bottle for an hour or two. Red wine should be served a cool room- temperature. Approximately one and a half ounces of wine should be poured into a glass.

Eats with the Wine - You may serve unsalted crackers or bread and water. The water helps cleanse the palate between sips of wine. If you would like to add some festivity, then you could serve light appetizers that complement the wine. In the case of an Italian theme you could serve Parmesan cheese or seasoned olives.

The Experience
Wine tasting arouses three senses, that of seeing, smelling and tasting. As host you should be familiar with the art. The glass containing the wine should be lifted up against a white background to see the color. The color of the wine should be brilliant and clear. The wine should next be swirled gently in the glass holding it at the stem while the base rests on the table. That will incorporate air into the wine to release the molecules into the air. You should now take a whiff at the wine to gauge the aroma. You will be able to identify it with the flavors of flowers or fruits. That will also indicate the taste of the wine.

Now sip the wine and swirl it around in the mouth, allowing the nuances to seep into your taste buds. Savor the taste to distinguish the flavor, which could be dry to semi-dry, or sweet to semi-sweet. Does the taste feel light-bodied or heavy-bodied? Judging from the smell and the taste is it fruity or flower flavored? It will please you to see the satisfied looks of your guests when they identify with the characteristics of each wine and what they like. Your guests will appreciate being provided with notepads to write down the characteristics of each wine as they party.

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