Wining And Dining: Tips For Cooking With Wine

Cooking with wine can be a very good way to add a twist of extra flavor to any recipe. Wine can be a great addition to sauces, dips, soups, and various other types of food. If you’re just beginning your venture into the world of cooking with wine, figuring out what wines to use and when may be a little confusing. Read on for some great tips on finding your way around the kitchen with wine.

Would you drink it? In most cases, cooking with a cheaper wine is an excellent idea. It’s far better to save your money for the wine you plan to be drinking. However, there is a point when an extremely cheap wine can take away flavor from your meal instead of add it. Ask yourself if you would drink the wine you would be using. I’m not suggesting that you add an expensive vintage wine to your grandmother’s spaghetti sauce, but I am recommending that you use caution when looking for cheap wine.

What taste do you want to achieve? You are adding wine to a dish to improve the flavor; therefore, when choosing a wine, it would be best to pick one that will assimilate with the flavors of your meal. If you are searching for a dryer accent for a dish, then choose a dry red wine. Likewise, if you’re cooking something that may contain an acidic characteristic, a white wine would be your best bet.

How much alcohol will burn off? The amount of alcohol that is burned off is directly related to the amount of time you allow the dish to cook. While it’s unreasonable to assume all alcohol will evaporate, a large majority of it will. It’s also important to know that the longer you allow your food to cook or simmer, the smoother the flavor of the wine will be (A smoother flavor is generally preferred.) If your meal is not cooked long enough the flavor of the wine may be strong and have a negative impact on your meal.

How advanced are you? Having a strong background in cooking will help when deciding to add wine to your recipes; however, it’s not necessary. If you’re just beginning, and are a little uncertain, make sure you start out simple. When you begin to cook with wine, it may be best to start out by adding it to recipes you are already familiar and successful with; for example, if you make and excellent tomato or cream sauce, try adding wine to that first.

If this is your first time cooking with wine it would definitely be beneficial to look-over recipes and get a feeling for the procedures you would follow. If you are planning on cooking for a large group of people or a party, it would be best to try the recipes out a couple times until you get the hang of it. There is a wide selection of cookbooks and websites that can help you find beginner recipes to try out.

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