Wood Wine Racks - Wine Collectors Preferred Choice

Wood wine storage racks are the pioneers of wine racks with tradition reaching centuries back in history. They are strongly connected to the fist usage of cork for sealing wine bottles. French wine makers were the first to use cork stoppers in late 1600s. Before that oil-soaked rags stuffed into the necks of bottles were used to prevent wine from loosing its quality. Even though first wooden wine racks in 1600s were made solely for storing wine, the importance of right wine storage has been recognize much later. Today we know that cork plays an important role in supporting the optimal conditions for wine to mature. And a fine wood wine rack falls perfectly into the overall picture of wine tradition. That is why wood stays the preferred choice of wine collectors when they consider buying a new wine storage rack. It does not really matter which kind of wood you want your wine rack to be made of. Among wine connoisseurs there is a saying that "any wood is better than no wood". Wood wine racks are the symbol of warmth and they say much about the owner of the wine collection. Deciding for wood wine rack clearly shows your special care and engagement for the hobby of wine collecting and makes you one of those wine enthusiasts who cherish the rich tradition of wine storage. There is much more to wood than just beauty and warmth. Wood is according to latest studies the perfect material for wine storage. Wood itself helps to regulate moisture levels in the room, absorbing excessive moisture and emitting moisture back when the air in the room becomes too dry. The wood wine rack helps sustaining the microclimate of the room within parameters that also prevent the cork to dry and therefore prevent spoiling the content of the bottles. One additional characteristic of wood for wine storage should be mentioned. Regardless to the fact it may not be important for hobby wine collectors, it still plays an important role in storing wine bottles that are centuries old and extremely expensive. Namely the wood itself is a welcomed material for mould, which grows on those really old and valuable bottles stored in deep cellars. Wood wine racks accelerate mould production and offer a perfect environment for mould to exist. Mould on really old wine bottles is as important as patina on really old coins. It serves as a proof of bottle's real age. Real experts in wine collecting will be able to read from the structure, color and thickness of the mould and recognize if the current climate in the cellar is the optimal for a certain sort of wine. But do not be afraid, mould only grows in cellars that have constant temperature below 15 degrees Celsius, high moisture levels and existing mould cultures. Which sorts of wood styles and designs are best for you? Not an easy question to answer. Wood wine racks should firstly be matching the overall style of the furniture in the room. Secondly try to match the natural color of the wood with the color of the wine you store. It just makes it look more professional. Thirdly do not exaggerate with the design. You want to present your wine bottles and not overshadow them with the furniture itself. There are many more tips and tricks to follow when choosing the right wood wine rack for your kitchen, dinning room or living room.

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