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"Teacher appreciation makes the world of education go around." - Helen Peters

You can say things in a million ways, but expressing gratitude nearly always comes in a drab, "Thank you." Your English teacher would snooze at such a boring expression of gratitude - where is the thought and creativity? But when it comes to words, you're options are limited in showing people how much they have meant to you.

Unexpressed gratitude is of no use to anyone. If you feel that your growth is due to the influence of a hard working tutor, then you remain duty bound to express it. What better way to do that than gifting a custom designed basket to your teacher?

In our contemporary society, the art and skill of teaching is frequently underappreciated. Today's students undervalue the effort required to instruct and are more often than not taking classes due to requirements as opposed to desire. Consider the impact of a statement that carries both recognition and admiration; you have the ability to enhance and brighten a teacher's outlook.

First thing should be for you to understand what your teacher likes. It could try to find that out by interacting with the teacher or based in on your personal understanding. If you are confused about and not sure of it, then a fruit gift basket could be the best option. Everyone seems to love them. After all it is these teachers who taught you that 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away.'

When considering fruit, both fresh and dry selections exist. If the teacher has a fondness for a particular fruit ? fresh or dried ? a lovely gesture would be to completely fill a basket with this favorite. Of course, a collection of fruits cannot be discounted. In fact, mixing fresh with dried fruit creates a sumptuous and gracious presentation.

Seasonal gifts might be ideal if you are giving a teacher appreciation at the right time. You can add colored or scented candles that reflect the coming holidays. When you're out of ideas, feel free to ask someone in a gift shop; they will be happy to help.

On general occasions, consider a food gift basket. Generally a cookie basket would be good with assorted cookies and cup cakes. They are healthy and everyone seems to relish it. Hand made chocolates could also be added to make the basket look impressive. Little would you know of how could this delight someone?

You can use any type of basket: open weave, with a handle, or something recycled. Remember to stay green, use an environmentally friendly material. Your teacher may want to keep the basket if you give an effective gift. Customize the basket with an inscription, perhaps your name or a good quote.

Books, music, and certificates to online media are great additions to a gift basket. Throw in a DVD if you know something appropriate to your relationship with the teacher. Perhaps you could pick an education oriented film. A fun, educational movie might be great for your teacher AND your teacher's class!

And each of these gifts exhibits the appreciation for the gift of knowledge you have received.

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