A Review Of The Weber S650 Barbeque

Having been used to cooking with fairly old barbeque equipment, the opportunity to get my hands on a Weber S650 model was too good a chance to miss. Surely I'd now be able to produce food that my guests would really enjoy.

The first thing that you notice when looking at the S650 is that this is a serious barbeque. It's the sort of thing that you might usually see in pubs and restaurants.

As it stood next to my old charcoal BBQ, it was clear that it could have come from a completely different planet. In terms of appearance, the entire model glimmers thanks to its stainless steel finish.

Before cooking, I decided to try out the various controls to make sure that I knew what I was doing. It may seem strange to say that I needed to do this, but looking at the S650 was a daunting experience - I'd never seen so many buttons on a barbeque.

With no less than 6 burners, it soon became evident that this is a BBQ that gives you an enormous amount of cooking power. Perfect for large groups of guests.

I'd only invited 8 friends to join us, but it was clear that the cooking surfaces would have allowed me to prepare food for many more. In fact, the cooking surfaces available are ideal - no more need to cook food in batches.

Once you get the hang up cooking, it's obvious that gas allows you to control the temperature much more easily than is the case with charcoal alternatives. The range of burners and surfaces means that you can move food, or adjust the temperature, to ensure that you can cook food more easily.

Was my first experience a triumph? I don't think my guests left believing that I was a gourmet chef, but they were served food of a much higher quality than they would otherwise have received.

By the end of the cooking time I felt as though I'd mastered the machine. Next time, I'd expect the level of food that I produce to increase in quality.

I'll need to find some more friends though - the S650 is built for large groups. Besides, I want the opportunity to show it off to more people!

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