Barbecue Sauce - Store Bought or Home Made

Many people ask the question "Which is better? Store bought or home made barbeque sauce?" It really comes down to what your personal preference is but if the run of the mill taste of the bbq sauce found on grocery store shelves just doesn't cut it then creating your own secret sauce can be part of the grilling fun.

Let's face it, using the right or wrong kind of barbecue sauce can make or break your barbecue. The flavor of your meat, poultry or pork will live or die by the sauce that you choose. Barbecue sauce provides that extra kick that barbecue is known for and with the right kind of sauce any dish you prepare will taste that much better.

Let's look at store bought barbecue sauce for a moment. We've all seen the bottles lining the shelves. They come in different flavors and colors, in small bottles and large bottles, but are they really the best choice for the ultimate in barbecue tastiness? It seems that most people are satisfied by what they offer, otherwise they wouldn't buy them. But for most people it's probably just a matter of convenience. What most consumers don't realize is that barbecue sauce bought at the local grocery store is nothing more then a watered down version of the homemade sauces that make barbecue so popular in the first place.

Foods that sit on grocery store shelves have been manufactured with a long shelf life in mind. The ingredients used are chosen because they will not go bad quickly and in many cases are less then healthy. The barbecue sauce found on store shelves uses high fructose corn syrup as a sugar substitute because it is a whole lot cheaper to use than natural sugar.

While sugar is not necessarily healthy high fructose corn syrup is even less so. It is a sugar substitute that is a low grade quality food. The human body is actually unable to metabolize and break it down so when it gets to your liver it is almost always instantly turned into fat.

There is an easy way around this problem, make your own barbecue sauce. Nobody is saying that barbecue sauce is the healthiest of food products, but by making your own recipes you can cut out some of the processed foods such as high fructose corn syrup. The way real barbecue sauce is made is with natural cane sugar or brown sugar. There are also hundreds of spices and herbs readily available as well as other ingredients that if combined right can make a tasty sauce that will have friends and family asking you for your secret recipe.

You start with a basic sauce and add to it from there. A base sauce consists of melted butter, sugar and small portions of chili powder, salt, and black pepper. Once you have a basic foundation sauce made you can add some tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, maybe some onion powder. Mixing these basic ingredients in different amounts and combinations will give you a multitude of flavors to start with. After that you can start adding any number of other spices, herbs or flavorings such as lemon juice, hickory or mesquite flavoring to make a truly personalized barbecue sauce. With a little patience you can create a sauce that can compete with the best of them.

Store bought barbecue sauce will work in a pinch but for truly remarkable barbecue taste creating your own home made barbecue sauce is the best way to go.

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