Bbq - The New Way To Bbq Is The Barbeskew

The BarbeSkew automatically slowly rotates the food on skewers ensuring it is cooked thoroughly but making sure it doesn't burn. Traditional barbecue food such as sausages, burgers and fish can be cooked in the rotating cages.

Entrepreneur Ed Wray, the brainchild behind the BarbeSkew, says: "On a traditional bbq, the food is placed on the grill - it burns. It is turned over - it burns again. And then it is taken off the grill too early - uncooked. And what are you left with? Burnt uncooked food." He continues: "Once you've tried The BarbeSkew, you will never return to a grill bbq."

The BarbeSkew takes its name from the words BARBEcue and SKEWer, as it combines the traditional bbq with a spit roast. It is inspired by a bbq style which is popular in the Mediterranean.

The BarbeSkew has some brilliant features including:

– automatic slow rotating skewers
– advanced and innovative heat control raising and lowering the charcoal tray
– removable charcoal tray for easy cleaning

Health Benefits

There are many health risks associated with badly prepared bbqed food. By rotating the food slowly The BarbeSkew's unique design prevents:
- burnt black food which is thought to be carcinogenic increasing the risk of cancer
- undercooked chicken and sausages which cause food poisoning

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