Bite into Coney Dogs in Detroit

Have you just landed up in Detroit for their latest auto show, or to get yourself a mean machine you’ve lusted after? Then you’ll also be in pursuit of good belly fillers that could put you up to the task. You definitely have the guarantee that you won’t leave disappointed with their food selection either. The city that’s home to Kid Rock and Eminem, also harbors more than its share of eclectic cuisines and an impressive selection of restaurants.

The Lafayette Coney Island should be the first restaurant in Detroit you try out. It serves the city’s unique hotdog, aka Coney Dog. May have very well been named after the place that started it. It’s an appetizing combination of raw onions, chili and mustard sauce. The American Coney Island probably has equally good Coney Dogs. Don’t miss them out no matter what; after all, you really haven’t eaten in Detroit if you haven’t eaten their Coney Dogs.

Quite a few Detroit Restaurants serve scrumptious pizzas. The square deep dish version here is only next to the hotdog in popularity. Drop in to Buddy’s to try theirs; they serve the best of its kind. If you just want good ol’ American burgers or chicken wings, visit one of these- Sweetwater Tavern, The Woodward and Union Street Restaurant.

Apart from these, Detroit also has a good bit of popular Italian, Mexican and Seafood cuisines, it can bashfully brag of. Your automobile trip will definitely not leave you starving for more.

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