Camping Tips for a Safe Outdoor Vacation

Among the many useful camping tips, safety is the most important tip to consider. Familiarizing yourself with the area or bringing a navigational tool, for instance, are important, but you should also be sure to have at least a basic first aid kit.

On my recent trip to Munich, Germany during Octoberfest, my first aid kit came in very handy. Every camper wishes for the perfect, injury-free trip, but obviously there is no guarantee which is why a proper first aid kit should at least include bandages of varying sizes, scissors and antibiotic ointment or crme. Be sure to purchase a kit containing all of the essential items you may need, though hopefully will not. If you ultimately find yourself in a position to need such items, you will then understand the importance of safety and first aid preparation.

Other important tips include brining a night light to use at night when outside the tent. Not only does this make returning to the campsite easier at night, it also deters possible intruders. A night light also provides lighting in the dark to help prevent falls or injuries while walking around the campsite.

Now, you may be in a reserved campsite area, but you still must consider the local wildlife. It is always a good idea to keep food off the ground and secured in you car or a camping trailer. Many campers hang their food up in the trees, which can help, but secured in a car or trailer is the number one option. It is not strangely uncommon for bears to enter campgrounds looking for food, in addition to squirrels or raccoons which will also search campgrounds for food.

Though there are many items you will want to pack, some are more essential than others. For instance, aluminum foil is very important for cooking as it makes it not only the cooking easier but also the clean up easier. You should also bring water purifying tables in the event the water tastes odd, as well as insect repellent, clothing for any type of weather, and a car charger for your mobile phone if you have one. Of course, don't forget the cell phone which is a smart item to bring camping in case of emergency.

If there will be children with you, be sure to have things for them to do such as bikes, board games and even a small portable DVD player for movies. A playpen is a good idea if toddlers will be joining you.

If you are brining pets on your camping trip, you will want to keep them in a shaded area and out of the direct sunlight. A small pop-up tent, like a child's play tent, is perfect for pets. Simply place the water and food nearby outside the tent entrance and they will be content.

These are only a few tips you will want to consider when preparing for an outdoor vacation such as camping. Some other useful tips can be found online at various camping websites to help ensure you have a smooth, fun journey to the great outdoors!

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