Grilling Perfect Corn On The Cob

Grilled Corn on the Cob is a popular Tradition in the South enjoyed at barbecues and picnics and it’s easy to make. Not only is grilled corn on the cob tasty, but grilling your corn never fails to impress your guests. After grilling you can enjoy it Southern-style with butter or really impress your guests by finishing it like they do in Mexico where corn on the cob is a popular street food.

But before we can fancy up the ears we must grill them. Fortunately this is very easy to do.

1. Remove and discard any dry outside layers of husks. Be careful to leave several layers to protect the corn.

2. Pull back but do not remove the remaining layers of husks. Remove and discard the silks.

3. Soak the entire ears in a tub of cold water for 15 minutes.

4. Preheat your grill to a medium temperature.

5. Take the corn out of the water and shake off any excess water.

6. Brush the kernels with olive oil.

7. Replace the husks around the kernels and tie each ear with a piece of loose husk or twine.

8. Grill the ears of corn on a medium heat, turning the corn as needed to keep it from getting burned too much on one side.

9. After a couple of turns, place the corn over an indirect heat or on the top shelf of your grill and close the cover. Allow the corn to slowly roast for another 15 minutes.

10. Remove the corn from the grill and pull off the husks. Rinse quickly under warm water to remove any ash and leftover silks.

Your corn is now cooked and it's time to spice it up. This is very easy too.

You can serve them Southern-style with salt and butter.

Go international with a collection of spices to sprinkle on the ears such as cumin, basil, garlic or cilantro.

Or really impress your friends and try it Mexican Street-style. Slather each ear in mayonnaise , give them a dusting of cayenne pepper powder (optional, of course). Then roll them in shredded cotija or feta cheese (or try parmesan -- not authentic, but delicious). Once you've had it this way you may never go back to traditional butter.


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