Preparing Grilled Shrimps At Home

If you are like most people then you are probably used to eating shrimps and other seafood in a restaurant. It is a fact that in America many people don't know how to prepare fresh seafood at home. However, once you have tried it once it turns out to be quite easy and fun. Here are some tips for preparing grilled shrimps.

I love grilled shrimp but it is not always the tastiest dish. I don't like grilled shrimp if it is not done right. Grilled shrimp should not be over cooked or under cooked because it is tough, tastes terrible, and could be dangerous.

I think that it is too expensive for what you get but others will pay outrageous prices for it. The last time I had some I was not very impressed. The shrimp in question came from a popular chain restaurant. I cook grilled shrimp at home and it turns out just right, not tough, just delicious.

To prepare the shrimp just use salt, pepper, and a light dusting of garlic powder. Even putting the delectable taste of these shrimp aside for a moment this recipe has everything going for it: it uses only 'kitchen staple' ingredients (with the exception of the shrimp). It does not involve a stick of butter or deep-fried batter, like many other shrimp recipes I've test driven. It cooks in six minutes. It makes you look like a celebrity chef to anyone you have over for dinner. Shrimp can be made fattening by cooking it in butter or deep frying it.

I can't say enough about how excited my family gets when they know I am cooking grilled shrimp for dinner. The key is to have all of your side dishes done before you cook the shrimp so it can be served up hot, right off of the grill. There are many sides you can enjoy with grilled shrimp to keep your dinners interesting. For example I often like to make a pasta with a white or red sauce and top the pasta off with the grilled shrimp before adding the sauce.

You can serve it with some grilled vegetables and some rice as well. If you enjoy Asian foods you might try some ramen noodles with a few fresh vegetables in it and some grilled shrimp added at the end just before serving. So remember the number one tip when grilling shrimp is be prepared, don't overcook it, have your side dishes ready and your table set.

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