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Hello. Lately, I'd been thinking about finding a barbecue restaurant in Sacramento that has great food. I know, there are a few places around Sac, but most of them are just decent. Being originally from Oakland,CA., my family and I were so used to seeing bbq spots all over the city. You really did'nt have to look too hard to find a great place that served barbecue. The toughest decision was deciding which one to go to! The 3 that we visited the most were Flint's, Dixon's, and Everett and Jones. There are tons of others, but those were our favorites.

I set out to find a restaurant in Sacramento that could fulfill the need that I had for barbecue. One that could fill the void left from no longer residing in the Bay Area. We used to drive back and forth every now and then. We'd drive 100 miles just to buy our favorite bbq dishes. Believe it or not, we felt that the drive was actually worth it.

Anyway, we finally found our favorite barbecue restaurant in Sacramento. Actually, it's in Citrus Heights. A Southern Komfort Cafe, barbecue and Southern restaurant. This is where you can find some of your favorite dishes. Also, there is Soul Food on the menu, so if you are from down South, you may be satisfied with the Gumbo, Jumbalaya, and collard greens that are etched onto the menu.

Personally, my favorite is the barbecue hot-link sandwich. It never seemed to matter which restaurant we decided to go to when we were in the Bay Area, I was always happy with the hot-link dish (hot-link sausages) or hot-link sandwich. At A Southern Komfort Cafe, it's no exception. The sauce is the best I have ever tasted; even better than what I was used to when we were in Oakland. It's hard to explain, but it's a sweet sauce, which you can also get in a spicy version. My favorite item on the menu is the bbq hot-link sandwich, followed by the beef tri-tip, which is a close second. This is probably because I like spicy foods. The tri-tip is more so sweet, and the hot-links are spicy.

There are also several other items on the list such as, macaroni and cheese, pork spareribs, seafood salad, banana pudding, peach cobbler, baked beans, red beans and rice, cornbread, yams, and others that I cannot remember at the moment. I initially thought maybe it tasted so good because I had'nt had good barbecue in a while, and maybe I was just falling for any decent tasting bbq... but after going back several times, I don't think that's the case. So yes, we found our barbecue spot in Sacramento. A Southern Komfort Cafe..."It Must be the Sauce!!"

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