The Key Ingredients To The Perfect Barbecue

It's that time of year again, and you want to create the perfect backyard barbecue that will be the talk of the neighborhood. The perfect backyard celebration begins with a little advance planning and preparation. You want your guests to have a great time and want to come back for the next one! If this is your first outdoor entertainment venture, there is lots of good advice on planning the perfect backyard barbecue online, including everything you ever wanted to know about barbecue grills, grilling accessories, backyard fire pits, outdoor kitchens, building your own, great barbecue recipes and entertaining menus; just about anything and everything you need to host the best barbecues. Take your time and plan well, because poor planning will be the death of the party! So where do you start, you ask?

Begin planning your perfect backyard barbecue with these tips from the DIY Network at Make a list of the guests you would like to invite and put together a tasty menu with selections that will appeal to everyone. The next thing is to choose a theme for your backyard barbecue and select decorations and party invitations. Do your shopping well ahead of time and make sure your grill is ready to go with plenty of propane or charcoal. You don't want to be sending someone to the store in the middle of the festivities! Do your shopping the day before the party and get everything you will need for the party. You may also want to purchase an extra cooler or two to keep drinks ready and available for your guests. When you get home with your groceries, place your selected cuts of meat, trimmed of fat, into re-sealable plastic bags and cover with marinate, then place bags in the refrigerator and continue to turn every few hours.

You're almost there! On the day of the barbecue you'll want to call your guests to confirm the time and the directions to your home. Decorate the patio area and set up volleyball or badminton net, chairs, tables, coolers, and a receptacle for trash. Small mosquito lamps or citronella candles near seating areas and tiki torches throughout the yard will keep the insects away and out of your guests' food. To keep you from running back and forth to the kitchen while dinner is burning on the grill, prepare cooking ingredients in convenient storage containers and set them near the grill when you begin cooking. Finish any last minute preparations and greet your guests with a smile. Try to keep everyone engaged and having a good time, and by all means let them help if they'd like! Now sit back and enjoy your backyard barbecue and everyone who has come to share it with you!

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