The Purpose Of An Outdoor Fireplace

Everyone has been exposed to the benefits of an indoor fireplace, including the heat and the sense of romance that is generated. Nothing is more soothing on a cold winter’s night that sitting with your feet propped up, huddled next to that special person, in front of a roaring fireplace. Why not enjoy the same effects in your backyard? Certainly, a grill is nice, but it doesn’t compare to the feeling that is generated by food that is cooked over an open fireplace or fire pit.

An outdoor fireplace makes a nice addition to anyone’s backyard and is certainly better for large groups of people than a barbeque grill. Additionally, the installation of a fire pit can add tremendous value to the price of your home when you are ready to sell it as well as giving it a quick selling feature.

Nothing keeps mosquitoes and other flying insects away quicker than fire. A grill will not stay lit for the entire course of an evening, however, an outdoor fireplace will stay hot for some time, and the fumes from the fire can help repel the flying insects that want to invade the tranquility of your relaxing evening in the back yard. With an outdoor fireplace, you can sit on your patio as long as you want and not have to worry about being bothered incessantly by flying insects.

You think of warmth when you think of an indoor fireplace, but an outdoor fireplace can provide the same warmth as you sit outside on a cool evening. As you enjoy the first breezes of spring or the last breezes of summer, the evening may tend to be a little on the chilly side. Instead of having to go inside when even a sweater or light jacket fail to keep you warm, sit by the heat or the outdoor fireplace and enjoy a little more of the outdoors. The fresh and crisp evening air will help relax you so that you will be able to enjoy a better night’s sleep.

These are only a few of the reasons for buying or building an outdoor fireplace, but it certainly leads to the conclusion that it can create a very versatile atmosphere for entertaining. While thinking of the many reasons you might want an outdoor fireplace, do not overlook the fact that there are safety precautions that you must take in order to protect your home. It is not a grill, and it gets quite hot. It’s important to make sure the outdoor fireplace is at least ten feet away from your home and any other combustibles such as a wood deck. Also, make sure that the fire is out before you retire for the night. You want to enjoy it for evenings on the terrace, but you don’t want to throw caution to the wind at the expense of your home and family.

An outdoor fireplace can be a nice addition to your property, and it can enhance the quality of your entertaining. Be prepared, though, to find some uninvited guests dropping in just because they love the smell of the cooking over the fire pit that permeates throughout the neighborhood. As long as you don’t mind extra guests, you’ll love the outdoor fireplace.

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