What To Have On Hand During Bbq Season

No matter what's on the menu, or what time of year you choose to barbecue, there's some essential equipment to have on hand to make sure you and your guests can fully enjoy the thrill of the grill.

First off, you can't have a barbecue without a grill. Grills are really very basic things: a heat source, a cooking grate and a box to surround it all. Grills can cost $30 or they can cost $30,000. Gas grills are the most popular type in the United States; the heat source is a single gas burner or a set of gas burners, either propane or natural gas.

When cooking over an open flame, there are a number of tools to tackle the job. These include a spatula, tongs, fork, knife, baster, skewers, corncob holders and a grill brush/scraper. For more adventurous chefs, it's possible to expand your repertoire with the help of such charcoal and gas grill accessories as rib racks, side burner, griddle and grate.

To help extend your grilling season, a patio heater can be a terrific option. This freestanding heater lets homeowners stay toasty on their deck or patio during even the coldest evenings. For people concerned about safety, patio heaters are very safe-and getting better all the time. Many gas heaters come with a piezo electric starter, so there is no need for matches and no pilot light.

Another safety concern during a barbecue is burns, usually from getting too close to the grill or accidentally touching one of the components. Approximately 76 percent of burns are cooking related, and 34 percent of all burns occur on the hand. Despite the widespread incidence of burns, Americans do not always have the correct supplies or know-how to treat them properly. Yet an estimated eight out of 10 people who experience a burn will treat themselves.

To improve the experience of self-treating a burn, JOHNSON & JOHNSON RED CROSS® First Aid Brand has developed Instant Burn Cooling Patches that immediately cool and soothe minor burns. Designed with the same technology used in hospitals, the patches protect skin all day long and will not stick to the burn so that your burn can start to heal with greater protection and more relief.

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