Worlds best barbecue sandwich

My favorite Sacramento restaurants: The world's best barbecue sandwich is inside a little Sacramento restaurant:

Hello, and thanks for tuning in to today's show. We're going to take a closer look at one particular bbq sandwich that I love more than any other. We took our mobile stand around town (courtesy of A Southern Komfort Cafe) for feedback on this spicy hot-link sandwich that I love to talk so much about. We're riding around in the Carmichael, CA. area, looking for someone to give us their take on the world famous sandwich.

Oh, there is a woman walking out of the store!

L.W. Seals: Hello, how are you doing today?

Lady: O.K. , and you?

L.W. Seals: Great. We don't really mean to bug you at all, but we're going around the city all day today, getting feedback from everyone who tries this delicious bbq sandwich, courtesy of A Southern Komfort Cafe.

Lady: BBQ sandwich? What's is it made of?

L.W. Seals: This is the world famous bbq pork hot-link (basically hot sausage) sandwich that is one of several dishes on the menu at A Southern Komfort Cafe, a Barbecue/Soul food restaurant in sacramento.

Lady: Well I'm not really very familiar with the Sacramento area, so I would'nt know where that's located.

L.W. Seals: Actually, it's located in Citrus Heights. Here's a flier if you are ever in Northern Sacramento. There's a coupon on it and everything.

Lady: Thank you so much. I am a fan of spicy foods. However, I usually don't eat a lot of barbecue.

L.W. Seals: Well, here you go...Try this, and tell me how you like it...

Lady: Wow, that is actually pretty good. I think it may be the best lunch sandwich I've ever had. I'll probably need a few wet-naps to clean my hands with, but I think it's well worth it. Do you have any more fliers or business cards?

L.W. Seals: Bingo! Here ya go. Feel free to pass them along to all of your friends and family. Here's a bottle of water to wash it down.

Lady: Thanks.I will definately pass the word on. Thanks again.

L.W. Seals: No problem. Thank you for your time.

Well, whether you like Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Japanese, Thai, or other types of food...Next time you visit Sacramento, make a trip to A Southern Komfort Cafe. "It Must Be the Sauce!!"

You already know that I think it's the best barbecue sandwich in the world, but you don't have to take my word for it. Hey, that little kid's trying to take off with our cart! Get back here...Gotta go, hope to see you soon!

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