Chicken Marinade Tips -Healthy Marinading

1) Get your chicken. If it is frozen, thaw it out.

2) Get your marinade. This part is important. I would suggest using barbeque sauce, honey mustard, italian dressing, or any combination of the three. I like to use 2 parts barbeque sauce, 1 part mustard, 1 part honey, 1 part honey mustard, 1 part italian dressing, a pinch of pepper, and a pinch of bay seasoning.

3) Put your chicken into a bag. If you have a vacuum packing machine (foodsaver), put it in of those bags, if not put it in another plastic bag that can be sealed.

4) Pour in your marinade slowly, making sure to cover the chicken.

5) Seal the bag. If you used a vacuum packing bag, then go again and vacuum the air out. The advantages of a vacuum sealed bag are that the vacuum opens the pores of the chicken allowing more marinade to enter the chicken faster.

6) Shake the bag. Make sure that the chicken has marinade all around it.

7) Refrigerate. Preferably for about 8 hours.

8) Cook, and enjoy.

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